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We build e-Commerce websites

We are specialised in building e-commerce systems for various businesses, including online shops, retail stores, point of sales, membership services and booking solutions.

Online Retails

We make robust, fast and secure systems for online retails, powering their storefronts. We understand retails are not just shopping carts. They do require systems to upsell products, manage customer records, support reporting, manage your stocks, and so on. With all this in mind, we make scalable systems which help you in the long term to grow your business. Our custom e-commerce solutions enable you to manage your stocks effectively, connecting with your warehouses, suppliers etc.

Membership Organisations

We have made a number of membership websites which have different plans and different renewal cycles. The systems we build enable everything to be customised from the contents of the emails your clients receive to various features you enable, depending on your customer’s subscription plan.

Payment Gateway Integration

We can help you with managing card wallets, taking recurring payments, and taking one off payments. We have experience in working with many off-site and on-site payment gateways from New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. These include Wind Cave, Sage, Paypal, AliPay and We Chat Pay.


We love designing and building dashboards which give you real time insights on your business and its performance. Dashboards are really helpful for any business to know how you are performing, in terms of sales, traffic, conversions, finance details, stock levels, etc. We use various graphical components such as bar charts, line charts, data grids, and drilldown action buttons to enable these.

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