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Sri Lankan Rupee to NZD pegged salaries

It's official, SilverStripers pay NZD salaries to our team

The last three months (February, March and April 2022) have been quite interesting for Sri Lanka's economy. By the time of writing this post, the Sri Lankan Rupee has depreciated by nearly 70% in just three months. And it will continue to do so. The cost of living in Sri Lanka has skyrocketed creating hardships for everyone. These recent events led us to think how we can best assist our team, as we believe a happy team is the most important in our business. 

As a result of this, SilverStripers adopted paying Dollar Pegged Salaries. Our salaries and budgets are now pegged to New Zealand Dollars as we conduct most of our business using this currency. The equation is simple. We get their take-home salary and peg it to an NZD rate. Every month we pay salaries by taking the average of the latest NZD rate for that month (start and end of the month) and bank salaries against that rate. This gives our staff to have increased salaries against the inflation rate. We recognize this does not solve all our problems, but we believe this will help to an extent. 

Our vision is that Sri Lanka anyway needs to improve and expand their digital industry capabilities. To put it in layman's terms, we need to bring in more dollars to the country. We, as a team, are working hard for this and expanding our clientele, services and the team of course. 

A note to our valuable clients; Though the country is facing several obstacles, we have managed to stay strong as a team. Our team works from home, and we have equipped everyone with power backups where they can do their work undisrupted. Our office is equipped with generators and adequate fuel stocks to run for a foreseeable future. We work hard to provide you with the best service as always and we will continue doing so. 

With the new salary schemes, we are also actively expanding our team. We have a few positions open. Speak to us, and send us your CV to start a conversation. 

We are looking for 

  • Front-end developers 
  • Back-end developers (PHP)
  • Account assistants / Junior accounts managers 

We always believe in standing strong and we will continue to do so. Sri Lanka has faced many disastrous times in the past and has always managed to come back strong, and we will do the same this time. Have faith and stand strong.