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SilverStripers turns 11

SilverStripers turns 11

All our birthdays are unexplainably special in their unique way. Last year was our 10th anniversary and we managed to get a hold of our Managing Director, Nivanka Fonseka, to express his views and opinions regarding the business. He also mentioned a few key insights regarding the business, but this year calls for something different. 

Although all of us work remotely from the comforts of our own homes we still don’t feel any distance between us since we are a tightly-knit team. Though we don’t get to meet in person under one office, our bond as a team has gotten stronger. 

If we did feel distant, it was when Nivanka moved to New Zealand. Being thousands of miles away from us and in a totally different timezone, he never fails to frequently have a chat with all of us. We miss seeing each other in person, but what’s great about working from home is that our workflow has not been disrupted by any means and we have been able to meet deadlines on time without any issue.

As mentioned previously, this year calls for something different so for this anniversary we tell you about our work culture and share with you our key business highlights for this year.

Our work culture

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We have worked with many international clients and agencies so we have some understanding of how they operate. When dealing with clients most of us operate in the same way apart from a few cultural differences. Naturally, there are bound to be cultural differences and it is acceptable since all of us are living in different parts of the world.  

The interesting part is how all of us operate when not dealing with clients. Since Nivanka is stationed abroad for a business requirement he has some experience and knowledge regarding the New Zealand corporate culture. 

We all had the privilege to experience New Zealand corporate culture to some extent and some of us have more exposure to it than others. Regardless, we all enjoy working in such a warm, welcoming, and highly professional culture mainly because most components of their corporate culture blend in smoothly with ours. Simply, what that means is that we have our daily dose of humour and gossip while working extremely hard to find the right solutions for the problems faced by the client. 

When developing the ideal solutions we always give a lot of attention to quality. We ensure that the solution/solutions we provide are of superior quality by focusing on making the product compatible with any condition, by future-proofing the product, and by diagnosing unseen problems. While all this serious work is going on we never fail to re-live and laugh at the negligible blunders which we created during certain projects, those are the best times. Let’s see what Nivanka has to say about working with two different corporate cultures.

“I love how warm and welcoming the New Zealand corporate culture is, it reminds me of Sri Lanka. Also, the people I am currently working with are very friendly and helpful, which helps me to adjust and sink into their culture much faster than I thought.

However, I cannot refuse the fact that I miss the tropical climate, the tall coconut trees, and elephants. More importantly, I terribly miss being surrounded by a team of smart people who are highly capable of solving any problem thrown at them.

Amidst everything else, I think the way we maintain our professionalism is simply stunning. Being Managing Director, I couldn’t have asked for a better team and culture than this.”

Many of you may wonder why I am talking about work culture especially in an anniversary context, well, there is a big reason behind it. Our work culture is an integral part of our business setup and it is one of the main reasons that has helped us to come this far. It has helped us overcome many struggles, especially in situations when we had our backs against the wall. More importantly, our work culture helped us to become more successful than the previous year.

What 2021 means to us

We have achieved a lot during this year. However, out of the many we have accomplished, a few key highlights are worth mentioning.

We have been working with SKOPE Refrigerators for some time and during this year we were able to upgrade their website from SilverStripe 3 to SilverStripe 4. Often many assume that an upgrade is a walk in the park, but, in reality, that is not the case. We had concerning challenges that we had to overcome, therefore this upgrade was a huge accomplishment for us. 

2021 has been massive for us in terms of client acquisition and the number of projects we are working on. More importantly, we are happy to launch our very own product, Konduit. Konduit is our dream product that has been in the making for 11 years. We have been on the lookout for the right partners to build it with, and, now, we have found the ideal partners who helped us to make our dream come true.

With the help of Konduit, we made solutions for Venture Taranaki, Laka Wanaka, and recently we provided solutions for Whangarei District Council as well. There is also a possibility that we might need the assistance of Konduit to help the Horowhenua district council with their work. 

Apart from these projects, at present, we are working on an event ticketing solution for Squid Group and this is a SAAS-based project. It is a phase 2 version of the Waterbourne website we built last year. Furthermore, we are working on developing a CRM for a client and at the moment we are working on SKOPE Refrigerator’s support tasks as well.  

Overall, this year we have been super busy with projects and most of them are quite complex in nature. and, also, we are slowly but steadily shifting towards offering design-based services. Accomplishments achieved throughout this year and the embarking of our very own product along with some other great initiatives made our 11th year anniversary that much more special. 

Just as much as we are a part of this anniversary you as our client played a massive role in making this anniversary special in a unique way. Now that Konduit is in place you are more likely to have a whole new level of experience. We love to make your business journey wonderful and smooth as possible so feel free to buzz us anytime and we will help you gladly. 

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