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Digital Outsourcing & Partnerships

We built long term sustainable partnerships with digital agencies and provide digital developer resources.

Remote Digital Developer Resources

As a digital agency We understand outsourcing is not an easy decision to make. We respect the risks you are taking and the trust you are adding on us when we were tasked for projects. When we are awarded with projects we work closely with your project managers, tech leads and take part in the daily stand ups to make sure the project is progressing in the right direction. At the earlier stages of projects we help with estimations, scoping and requirements gathering as well.

Coding standards

We understand various organisations have their own coding practises, styles and formations, naming conventions, etc. We take time to understand these requirements and make sure our work is in line with those.

Integrated teams

Not only do we integrate with your team but we are open to work with you systems as well. We have experience in working with a number of source code management systems, project management systems, continuous integrations, and deployment pipelines. We also bring in our idea for better managing the workflows.

Project by Project or Retainer Relationships

We work with agencies with two different options. Either we work with project by project basis where we’d take a single scope, estimate the hours and work at a fixed cost or we enter into a more long term relationship where we dedicate developers who would participate in your standups and daily schedules. All our clients have been returning clients for us and we still work with our first clients.

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