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Website, business automation and domain name management software development

View Project are the sole administrators of Sri Lanka’s top level domain [dot] lk. Team at approached us to redesign and re-engineer their domain name sales systems, back office systems, CRM and the DNS management tools. We spent a lot of time understanding their processes and decoding their legacy databases. Once we had a good understanding of their system we built technical specs and created an object orientated system design to build a scalable online system. Domain name prices vary depending on the category they belong to, it is a tough problem to solve as a domain name is never a tangible product but an agile system to determine the prices. didn't have a DNS management tool which enabled their customers to go in and update their records when we were approached. We built a complete new system like any other international domain name provider to let all the dot lk domain owners to login and manage their DNS records which then get updated at the name server records.

We had to build a number of online payment options supporting local banks regulations. These involved generating periodic invoices etc. We love talking about this project for the complexity and the importance of it as it manages all Sri Lanka’s domain names.

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