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Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

We help develop bespoke CRM applications and integrations with various out of the box softwares.

Bespoke CRM Development

Customer Relationship Management is an essential part of any business. We understand that every business has their unique story and unique way of managing their customers, each business will require various types of data about their customers including various demographics, services types, customer requirements etc. We help our clients by developing bespoke systems to help them make business decisions.

Application Development

We develop bespoke systems to manage your customer information, products or services they have opted into, levels of services they have signed up and any other information you’d need, in order to make your business decisions.

CRM Integration

We have worked with a number of different CRM tools and APIs. We integrate your website, business automation tools, data management systems with these external APIs to keep the information synced. We do this with various types of technologies like REST, JSON, XML, GraphQL, etc.

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