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Wrapping up 2015

Wrapping up 2015

The year started with new projects and new prospects. Early in the year we were selected to work on the LK Domain Registry's domain management systems. 

LK Domain Registry 

LK Domain Registry are the domain name providers for the .lk (dot LK) domains. That's the top level domain for Sri Lanka. We were selected to make their website and after a successful first phase of development we were awarded the contract to work on their internal systems. Including managing NS records, billing systems, client messaging, cron jobs, zone files etc.

The scope of the project is to re-engineer their systems, and do business automation for their products. We designed a complete new software to replace their old systems, and late in November this year we managed to get the internal systems in to production level, and from then onwards all the LK domain staff members. Also some parts of the registered user areas are running on SilverStripe. We are working towards migrating the whole system into SilverStripe, including their front end website. 

Student Services Website 

We started working with SilverStripe HQ. We worked on a project with them for Otago Polytechnic. We highly regard this project, as it has been a nice experience to work with a core SilverStripe member, and a very active SilverStripe community member. 

Two University Interns

We had two university interns from University of Colombo, School of Computing working with us, and they did complete their internships successfully, and enjoyed a 6 months span working with us at our office. Pasan & Thilini have been working on our projects as PHP developer, and QA tester under the supervision of our developers. They were involved in a number of websites including the folio website for Sean Scully, which is yet to launch.  

Many awesome theatre websites

We have been working on many awesome websites with our client Made Media. We did work on websites for world icon theatres with them. The scopes were to build CMS systems for theatres which connects the booking paths with the marketing sites. Also an interface to manage their marketing / promotional contents, and various types of media elements.

A few open source contributions

With all these good work, we had more time than the previous years to do some open source contributions. The plugins we built for some of the websites we thought of sharing with the SilverStripe community. Some of the key ones are:

  • Continental Contents Module for SilverStripe
  • SilverStripe News module 
  • Markdown module 
  • Postmarked App module 

Check out our packagist account, and our git repos for more details. 

New office manager 

Towards the end of the year, a new office manager joined our team. She helps the team with accounts, book keeping, day to day management, organising parties etc. So far she has been brilliant in arranging all sorts of activities / parties and making sure the team is doing good. 

That's basically a wrap up of what we've been doing during the year. And looking forward for a more successful new year. See you next year. Till then Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.