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What our clients say about us - LK Domain registry

What our clients say about us - LK Domain registry

LK Domain Registry is one of our good clients, and one of the projects which we are very happy to talk about. We interviewed them to know about their experiences working with us.

Can you tell us a bit about how you are involved in working with SilverStripers?

I am a Technical Team Leader at LK Domain Registry, I am responsible for handling requirement gathering, building BRDs, and communicating with SilverStripers, also I work as the bridge between my company and SilverStripe. I work with project managers and developers at SilverStripers, and I work closely with the management of LK Domain Registry and to report them on the status of the project etc.

How do you find working with SilverStripers?

Actually working with SilverStripe has been a pretty good experience so far. They are very easy to work with, and good listeners. They work hard in finding solutions for our needs, and always push the boundaries. I've done a few major updates to our systems with them, which are for complex business requirements. 

What is your level of satisfaction?


What do you have to say about the solutions we came up with?

Really good. We appreciate the time they take to think through, and design software to suite our needs. My management and I am are very happy with the architecture they've come up with. We've had to change a few areas of the system, and they've been always helpful to make change requests inline with the original BRDs, also if there are contradictions, they pick them up and report, and again get the systems straight. I should add, they've been very flexible with change requirements.

Do you find we are helpful when discussing and coming up with solutions?

Yup! Absolutely. Almost all the time we discuss the requirements, architecture, and implementation to the higher length. Like I said earlier there have been times where there were contradictions with the requirements, specially between different features of the system. They do help us to get these contradictions cleared up and progress with the project. Also they have a very good picture of the project, and have offered their ideas as well. 

What do you have to say about the turn around time / meeting deadlines?

Hmm.. Well I think we've been generally good with deadlines. Most of the time we've had to push deadlines further due to the scope changes. Still we've not missed anything which badly affect our business. It is not fair to talk deadlines when I've been moving the goal post ha ha!.

Anything else you got to say about us ?

It's been a brilliant experience working with SilverStripers. We've tried to hire a few other companies before for a few projects in the past, and I must say this is the first time we are really making progress. So we are very happy with the outcome and to see our projects are moving firmly. Also I will use this as an opportunity to thank you all.

Anywhere you think we have to improve on?

I know you guys have internal QA testers, but we don't use them a lot on our project as we have specific requirements, and out internal developers does a lot of QA and testing. It would be good if we can start using your QA teams in future. I am sure both our businesses can benefit from doing that, anyway that's for further discussion.

How likely will you recommend SilverStripers to someone else?

Yes very likely!

We thank you for working with us, and being such a nice client. It is our first work experience with any local organisation, and it has been pretty good for us as well. Look forward to seeing you in the next year.