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Shorter the content more effective it gets

Shorter the content more effective it gets

Lately I've been reading lots of blog posts, medium articles about tech and digital marketing. In many cases before I get to the end of the post I just lose the appetite to read them in full. I've been wondering why, and this is what I believe is the reason. 

The human mind works on cycles, within these we got Attention Spans. That's a span of time you can stay focused on any activity without being distracted. This varies on the activity you are involved in and in some cases it can be very less. When it comes to digital content normally a user would spend less than a minute reading a web page unless it is something really interesting or that's exactly what they are looking for. And a user will not wait more that 5 seconds for the page to load.

This means in making digital content you should get your idea to the readers within a few seconds worth of reading. And the shorter your posts are the more someone will read it to the end and get your ideas across. 

This is where user generate social content can be really helpful. Mainly because if you got an interesting social media feed like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram it means that you are making a collections of shorter posts with authentic images, and user stories. A user would read 10 Facebook statuses than a 500 word length of a post. 

If you are reading this last line, I am sure I've done good writing this post. However again the mantra is shorter your content the more effective it gets.