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Producing websites with HTML 5 / CSS 3

Producing websites with HTML 5 / CSS 3

Over the last few weeks we have been using HTML 5 heavily for our development. The websites we produced were fun going, and we used some of the CSS 3 goodies as well.

Our main concern when working with HTML 5 was backward compatibility, we found Modernizr while searching for some solution over the Internet which helped us a lot to get the sites to work with older and browsers which doesn't support HTML 5 (IE 6, IE 7, IE 8).

Being the next level generation of HTML and one of its major concerns was to provide better means or semantic we found it really exciting to work with it. HTML 5 introduces new elements or tags to the HTML API (eg: section, article, time, header, footer, nav, aside). These are really important when skinning the designs to HTML / CSS. We think that it makes really a sense to the developer about what he is coding, and at least we are under the impression that we are working with the latest HTML / CSS.

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