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Key to join our team

Key to join our team

Over the years we've been doing lots of interviews, advertisement campaigns, tests, when hiring new developers. We are lucky to have found our amazing team of developers. However there has been a lot of lessons learnt, and a few disappointing situations as well. We've been adjusting our hiring procedure from time to time as well. This time we've come up with a smarter process in selecting new developers. We'd like to let all our future developer candidates to know our interview / selection procedures are, so you can be prepared when you meet us. 

You will be going through a four step process. 

  1. Brief telephone interview with our Office Manager
  2. First interview with our Office Manager and Tech Lead 
  3. 3 Hour test to demonstrate your OO / PHP skills 
  4. Final interview with your next Project Manager and Senior Developer

For steps 2,3,4 we will ask you to come for a meeting at our office, and we will ask you to demonstrate your skills. You progressing to each step means you are getting closer to being hired. 

Out of all meetings and steps 3 hour skills demonstration is the most important. Our decisions will be mostly dependent on this. However we believe that if you have a good understanding of PHP / OOP / MVC, and some basic skills of how to start a web server, etc this will not be a massive challenge. You will be given a task to complete by using a simple MVC framework which we wrote. Visit the repo, download, install, and be prepared. 

The criteria we are after is: 

  • How well you can adjust to a complete new framework / code base 
  • Your OOP knowledge 
  • How well you can define your class structures 
  • Your understanding of MVC 
  • Basic dev ops skills 
  • Your ability to work with GIT and its concepts 
  • Ability to read and understand new APIs / WIKIs, and Specs 

To complete your task you will be provided with: 

  • A Laptop with Ubuntu installed 
  • PHP 5.5, MySQL, and Apache installed 
  • Git installed 
  • Code editor installed 

The task will be given following the interview with our office manager, but we advice you to take a good look at this framework. 

All we are looking for with this new approach is to find out the best skilled developers to our team. Hope you will enjoy the process and we look forward to hiring you.