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How Outsourcing can work with SilverStripers

How Outsourcing can work with SilverStripers

We work with a lot of web design agencies, web application development companies, to build software. This is one of the major areas of our business. This post of about how it worked for us, our customers and how it can work for you. 

SilverStripers are specialized SilverStripe developers. We do not promote many CMS softwares, and keep ourselves focused on SilverStripe, and we try to stay high on top. We are a strong team of fifteen people, and many of them have more than 3 or 4 years of SilverStripe experiences, and skilled in many new technologies like GIT, HTML 5, Behat testing etc. We do have our set of values which we add to the work we do, a defined set of coding standards, testing software etc. 

We work with bigger agenciess on monthly retainer basis, and also work with design agencies on project by project basis. Most of our clients have a long work relationship with us.

Being focused to SilverStripe CMS / Framework has really helped us to be experts in technology, and our clients get the most out of it, as they get skilled developers to work on their projects. This doesnt mean we dont do any other sorts of development. We have done iPhone apps, and a few Wordpress, Code Ignitor websites, but more than 90% of the work we do is SilverStripe related. This helps us to give our customers great value, as we do one thing and we do it best. Having many developers who knows technology well have helped our customers to expand their teams. Most of the companies work with us as if we are a part of their internal teams. We never have felt the difference that we are an outsourced service provider. If your agency have clients from various other countries, and you neeed to do client supporting, Sri Lanka is one of the coolest places to do that. Every work day we share 5 hours with the Asia Pacific region and 5 hours with the European countried. Also we have the abiliy to work for competitive rates. 

There are arrangements where we do all the specs, architecture for softwares we do, and also where we get to work with software architects from other companies who leads the development team. Also we have been flexible in working with project management systems which works for both us and our customers, and do various adjustments to support their needs, like time logging, work reports etc. 

This can work for you too. If you are a web design agency you can use our services to provide web development services to your clients, where you can outsource the CMS, web applications development for us. If you are a web development company looking to expand your team again it will be great as you can have a team of developers on a monthly retainer basis. Or if you are looking for developers to help your start up project, or to maintain your website project you can work with us. Feel like you want to know more? Shoot us an email hello [at]