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5 game-changing Post-Covid marketing tips

5 game-changing Post-Covid marketing tips

Little by little some countries are now starting to raise their head from this pandemic situation. Through effective vaccination rollouts and strict health guidelines, countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and few more countries are now gradually returning to their previous normal lives. 

With things returning to normal, now companies should make drastic changes to their marketing strategies. In this post-Corona situation, it is expected for companies to be fiercely competing with each other for attention & survival so your marketing practices need to reflect that as well.

Gaining a competitive edge in this Post-Covid 19 context requires you to polish up your marketing strategies before you relaunch your business. The faster you make this adjustment, the more likely you are going to be in a strong position. 

We have identified 5 useful marketing practices that you can try out in this Post-Corona situation.

1) Go back to using Out-Of-Home advertising and live events

This is a tactic that has been neglected in the last year so now it’s about time that you should go ahead with using this marketing practice.

Invest in live events

People were prisoners to their own homes for a long time and are now ready to step foot in the real world. With that been said, traveling is most likely to multiply and we can expect people to be at live events and public spaces than ever before. So it would be a smart move for you to invest in live events so that you can have a bigger presence when they return.

Squeeze the maximum out of sponsoring

Sponsorship and exhibitor rates are most likely to remain the same. This is a massive opportunity for you to reach out to a larger audience at the same rates. 

We all are tired of virtual life and naturally, most of us will prefer real-life events over webinars & conferences.

Dual approach

With the new normal coming into the spotlight you should reach your audience with a mix of physical and virtual events. While going ahead with this approach you can try the A/B testing method to identify whether physical or virtual events gather a large crowd.

2) Readjust the voice of your brand messaging to be more compassionate

People are now gradually emerging from the ashes so the tone of your brand messaging must change in multiple ways. The voice of your brand messaging needs to be spot on to properly capture the minds of the consumers.

Celebrate this newly found freedom but don’t forget the past

Customers will join with your brand only when they feel connected to it. 

 So how is it possible to connect the customers with your brand? 

The best way you can do this is to make sure that your content has a humanistic feel to it before you approach your target audience.

 How can we achieve this humanistic feel? 

The voice of your brand should get into the shoes of your customers and genuinely understand every pain point of your customers. 

 What should be avoided when going ahead with a humanistic approach?

Don’t sound too salesy nor be forceful. Avoid these things and you will easily have a strong impression on the minds of your audience.

 What are the important things that you need to keep in mind? 

Be mindful that you need to strike a proper balance between understanding the hardships of the pandemic along with its losses and the happiness of returning to normal. 

Old is gold

One great trick to build brand loyalty and you can do that by emotionally connecting with your customers. Nostalgic marketing helps to connect customers with their old fond memories over which they have a strong emotional attachment. Creating strong emotional attachment helps to develop a good brand image as well.

3) Realign marketing campaigns

The key for any business is building brand awareness. Although this is a common approach, companies should use this at all stages of their brand lifecycle. 

The future of the business world now greatly relies on having personalized interactions with the customer. One way of doing that is to use Omnichannel Marketing. If you are not using this technique then it’s high time that you start using it.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel Marketing is simply about improving the customer shopping experience by providing a personalized experience for shoppers across all channels and touchpoints.

Another alternative way of realignment is to use Podcasting. Podcasting has great potential with over 800,000 active podcasts and 30 million episodes online. With people returning to work Podcasting is a great marketing tool that provides knowledge and entertainment at the same time.

4) Get to know your key advertising channels

Go ahead with your usual digital and social media platforms

As businessmen, most of us use search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote our brands. By using paid advertisements many businesses have been able to reach bigger audiences with massive growth in sales.

Use of TikTok and Clubhouse

Don’t just rely on your usual social media instead use other platforms as well. Both TikTok and Clubhouse are gaining popularity at a tremendous rate even as we speak.

At first, you may not like the idea of using these platforms to promote your brand but it is always advisable to have an account made because most probably you might need them in the future.

There is something that you need to know about TikTok, which is that it doesn’t have much competition so the ad costs are very low. 

Making use of crowd favorite influencers

This is another popular strategy that is grabbing the attention of many businesses. Influencers have a loyal fan base that makes people coming back for more.

Running offline and online campaigns

Your business should consistently optimize for ‘near me’ searches and try to get more customer reviews. Having that 5-star review along with some sweet comments creates a strong impression for new customers. 

Tuning into old-school local media like radio ads is another way of targeting a completely different local segment.

5) Live video and standard video are the way forward

Live video helps to connect your brand with your customers digitally. During the pandemic, this was the most commonly used strategy and it will continuously be used even after the pandemic mainly because the consumer behavior has changed significantly during the pandemic.

Standard video is another brilliant strategy to use. None of us can deny that Youtube has become a part of our lives during the pandemic even more so than earlier. Keeping that in mind you can use youtube advertisements in between the favorite shows/videos of your customers. 

These marketing strategies are a great way of realigning your business with the upcoming new normal and promote your business much effectively. Just like these strategies we also can help you to adjust your website to the new normal.