Introducing the new SEO module for SilverStripe

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For our client website builds we've been using different types of codes, modules to enable SEO data editing. Over the years we must have used at least 10 different types of SEO editing tools, a few of them are built by ourselves. Now this has gotten us to a position where we have too much of bespoke code we'd need to support.  

With the release of SilverStripe 4 we thought of compiling a new module with all the most common SEO data editing features. And here is the result, our new SEO module. 

The module focuses on solving these problems

  • Edit a pages meta data
  • Edit and control Facebook meta data and open graph tags
  • Edit twitter cards
  • Robots follow data, indexes and canonical links
  • Provide instant previews for Google, Facebook and Twitter
  • Provide reports on possible SEO issues of pages
  • Control search engine visibility on the whole site

We made a custom form field with ReactJs, allows editing all the most common SEO data within a single component and made Data Extensions for SiteTree and other data objects to enable using data objects as pages. 

seo editor

 The module is published on packagist and you can install via composer.

You can find more info about the module here, send us any issues / feedback on github. We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions. 

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