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We do great things all the time. These are the most attractive things we do. 


Software outsourcing is at the core in our business. We work with many digital agencies, software companies, web development companies as their outsourced web developer. We have built many long term relationships, and we are maintaining a good level of communication, trust, and work relationships with our foreign agencies. Also we are looking forward to build many more long term contracts with them. And we have built many websites & applications of different types and complexity through out last few years. 

Our clients are spread around the planet in different time zone, and being located in Sri Lanka has helped us to talk to them and to share at least four to five hours a day with them, which enables us to have meetings, demos, client support  etc.  

What we can bring into your team

  • SilverStripe Expertise
  • Developer Resources
  • Software Development Experiences
  • All the other skills we posses

Website & Application Development

Developing websites and applications is all what we do at SilverStripers. We use the SilverStripe open source framework / CMS to make websites.

Many of the projects starts from scratch, and we tailor made them to suite all the aspects of your business requirements. 

We work with other third-party products to build integrated softwares which handles, online payments, ticketing systems, booking software, e-commerce and sales softwares, calendars, and many more.

Data migrations is another service we offer with web development. When a business is moving from one system to another, one of the important areas is to move the old systems data to the new system, which can be pages, orders, bookings, etc, we  do research on the existing systems and do mapping between the data architectures and write scripts to migrate data from one system to another. 


E-Commerce websites

One thing we do best is e-commerce websites. We built our own e-commerce / shopping cart platform which runs on top of SilverStripe framework. Our e-commerce platform includes stock control, cron jobs, reporting, user management, product variations, taxing, shipping cost calculations, online payments, pdf invoices, custom messages, and many more features. 

Together with our other capabilities to do HTML 5 / CSS 3 responsive websites etc we have built amazing, online retail stores . 


  • Stock Controls
  • Product Variations
  • Email / SMS notifications
  • PDF invoices
  • Online Payments
  • Taxes
  • Shipping charges (region, location based)

Booking & Ticketing Systems

We have built a number of high profile booking systems and ticket systems.These systems are for holiday-homes, hotels, ticketing agencies, arts centres, theatres, etc. Also with these we have done a number of websites for the entertainment industry. 

The booking / ticketing software includes

  • Hotel Reservation Systems
  • Event booking systems
  • Resource / Appointment booking systems
  • Online payments 
  • Calendars 
  • Invoicing
  • Capacity Management 
  • etc.

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