SilverStripe CMS & Framework

Open Source, Scalable, Flexible.

SilverStripe is an open-source content management system and a flexible PHP based web developed on framework. SilverStripe provides control over your web pages, different types of data (sales, customers, invoices, etc) with a rich set of editor components.

SilverStripe allows you to

1. Manage web pages and the site tree, by providing a tree-based editor which enables drag and drop reordering.
2. A page building using the newly supported SilverStripe Elemental Module, which allows you to create pre-defined building blocks for a website and build pages using those in any type of combinations.
3. Manage your digital assets, Files, Images, Audios, Videos. Also manage versions for them, and has a rich set of image manipulation components. With minimum extendibility SilverStripe enable storing digital assets on Amazon S3 Buckets as well. It allows managing access to various assets and store them securely on the web servers which makes it impossible to guess a file's location.
4. Write up blogs, SilverStripe has a built-in blog module. The module enables many things like managing posts, categorizing posts, tagging posts, managing archives.
5. Version Contents, one of the most important functions of SilverStripe is content versioning, it enables you to save your pages as draft till you are happy with the contents, and once ready you can publish those to live. Added to that SilverStripe enables rolling back to a previous version of a page and compare two versions of a page.
6. Enables integrating with 3rd party applications, services, payment gateways, weather services providers, etc.
7. Provides a highly scalable set of classes and modules enabling web developers to build complex applications on top. These applications could be of any type, e-commerce, online bookings, CRMs, data management tools, and can perform under heavy loads of traffic.
8. Developer Standard Compliant, SilverStripe support PSR-2 coding standards. If followed well by developers this helps writing manageable, readable and maintainable code.

SilverStripe is also the company behind the CMS / Framework and is commercially supported. SilverStripe also works on bespoke development projects and we have got a few chances to collaborate with their internal developers on projects.

We've been working with SilverStripe from 2010 and since then SilverStripe has been our platform of choice. A few of the main reasons for us to stick to SilverStripe are the Model Admins, Object Relational Mapping framework, forms scaffolders, database scaffolders.

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