Web Development

Discover, Design, Develop

We follow a three step process.

As your web development partner, we aim to learn your business requirements inside out. This enables us to come up with ideas on how the systems should be designed and developed. We call this the discovery phase. We believe that great systems can be built when you thoroughly understand the user requirements. We follow various methods to learn these, we sit with you and discuss, we look at how your business and your staff work together, we do many Q and A sessions, draw various diagrams, document the user journeys so we can access them at any point.

Once we are confident that we know your business process very well we enter the design phase. Our intentions are always to provide you with the best possible solutions. We think through the future and account for possible enhancements, and build the most flexible, scalable product. Scalability is one of our key considerations. We break your requirements into smaller chunks, and define how we plan to build those into code, also think carefully on those all these smaller pieces can fit in together in the end to form up a quality system. We do follow an agile approach, and we are flexible to changes, updates even in the middle of the projects, but we also trust having a strategy helps always to account for those changes and updates.

Once we design we enter the development phase. We plan for our developer resources, assign work for chunks, schedule weekly / bi-weekly meetings with clients to report progress ask any interim questions etc. We use agile project management tools like Trello, Jira or Asana, and we use communication channels like Slack, Skype.

Our platform of choice is SilverStripe, a PHP based Content Management System (CMS). Depending on the user requirements we also use Craft CMS, and Shopify in development.

We take pride in what we do, we love to see the systems we build helps our clients win and to have amazing feedback from our clients. Got a project in mind? Let's discuss.

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