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Craft CMS Development

Craft CMS is a user-friendly, highly customisable CMS, its best to be used for smaller sites which need a quick turnaround.

Craft CMS Based Web Development

We use Craft CMS for smaller websites which need flexible CMS solutions. Craft has a highly customisable interface to define various types of content types along with their fields.

It's integrated with Twig template engine, one of the most powerful, fast and secure templating engines.

Flexible Content Types

Singles are used for one-off pages like a home page, contact page or about us page. They can only have one entry associated with them.

Channels are used for lists or streams of entries. Channels are used for blogs, news, press releases like contents.

Structures are used to store collections of similar entries such as staff members, services sections, FAQs. They can be sorted into a specific order.

Craft Plugin Development

We also develop custom plugins and modules for Craft CMS. Whether your website has a unique contact form, complex content requirements or e-commerce. We are well positioned to develop bespoke softwares which is scalable.

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