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New SilverStripe Module, Continental Contents

New SilverStripe Module, Continental Contents

Continental Contents Module for SilverStripe, is a utility module which lets you manage content for different locations, and serve content to website visitors by detecting their location using their IP addresses. 

This module was pretty much influenced by the SilverStripe Fluent module. But this solves a different problem than the Fluent module. 

The module ships with data extensions and utility classes to decorate your DataObjects, and make additional database fields for those data objects. When a user visits the site it gets the IP address and maps the IP address to a location, and if there are specific content for that location serves the content or fallback to the default content. The module also allows to have different URL's for each location, and this can be configured by YAML configs. For websites which consists of load balancers, or sites using caching technologies like Varnish the separate urls for each location can be used. It does have a feature for the user to offer to select their location if it couldn't detect any. 

It uses three IP database which can be used as per the need of your website, and there are three build tasks to read these feeds when you download them and place in the correct directory to import them to your databases. The three services it support are 


When the module is in action, it makes additional fields for all your DB fields and add them in to the CMS editor. These get directly written to the database.

To install this module using composer the command it

composer require silverstripers/continental-content dev-master

Check our GIT repo for more information in configuring the module.


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