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About an year in the new office

It’s amazing how fast time moves on. In March 2017 we laid the first stone for a new office building.

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SilverStripe Elemental Site sear...

Back in 2017 SilverStripe blogged ”Don’t reinvent the block” and announced how they are drifting towards a block-based approach for content management than fixed fields or page types.

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More of Markdown

In the context of CMSs the editors have a special place. Each CMS keeps on top with the best content editors.

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Future of Travel & Tourism techn...

As a web development business helping our clients with online booking systems and tourism websites we try to keep ourselves on top of the latest trends on travel & tourism...

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2017, year in review

2017 is one of those very special years for us at SilverStirpers.

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Introducing the new SEO module f...

For our client website builds we've been using different types of codes, modules to enable SEO data editing.

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