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SilverStripe is the core technology we use to make websites. SilverStripe is both a framework and CMS. The reason we say that is SilverStripe allows powerful content editing features for any types of website and at the same time it works as a web development framework. SilverStripe has a rock solid ORM, and a complete Object Orientated software. It is an MVC (Model View Controller) based system. And it has a lot of out of the box features and loads of open source modules / plugins. 

One of the best things we love about SilverStripe is it being MVC and the perfect object orientated code, this allows us to write high standard code. 

For almost all the projects we have done, we've used SilverStripe, and we highly recommend SilverStripe to any digital agency to use it as a CMS / framework. We've built a lot of modules / plugins and done lots of customisations for SilverStripe with out project work, and we've got a lot of experience in building web applications in SilverStripe. Many of these projects include ecommerce systems, booking systems.

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What we offer

  • CMS development
  • Data Management Systems 
  • Online Booking & Payment Systems
  • Event Management Systems 
  • Outsource Website Development
  • PSD to HTML
  • Front End development
  • Javascript and Ajax development 
  • SilverStripe themes

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