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We are Ecommerce web developers, and we have made a lot of awesome websites which takes loads of orders monthly.

We build Ecommerce websites for different types of businesses. Online retails, Shopping carts, Integrated shopping carts systems and sometime we go out of SilverStripe and build websites using Shopify and BigCartel. 

Over the years we've built a few top quality e-commerce websites. And we do have our own SilverStripe Ecommerce module which we use to product websites. We've made systems which handles Stocks Management,  Order Management, Online Payments, Promo Codes, Discount Packages, Invoices with Xero, and many more awesome features. We use the powerful Model Admin features of SilverStripe to provide full control over your data, and we use latest technologies like Angular JS, Meteor, and HTML 5 push states etc to build powerful product search engines. Depending on the client requirements we've used other popular SilverStripe Ecommerce too, like swipestripe. 

Also our experience in working with thirdparty APIs allows us to build awesome applications, which does many things. We have experience in working with more than 20 payment gateways, AWS, cloud based image handlers, accounting softwares etc. Our team has some awesome Ecommerce developers who makes these websites. 

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Ecommerce website development

  • Stock Control 
  • Order Management
  • SilverStripe CRM
  • PDF Invoices 
  • Xero
  • PayPal
  • RealEX Payments 
  • Secure Pay
  • DPS Post 
  • Promo Codes 
  • Discount Packages

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