SilverStripe, After Effects, YouTube: Online video generation

To mark the end of 2016 we launched a new website project, which we've been working for a few months. This is not a conventional website, but an online video generator. This post is about the tech recipes, and how we engineered the systems.

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Hello NZ! Hello Toast!

Last month (November 2016), I've been in NZ, and have been working with a client on a few projects. This is about the tour and some fun, interesting things stuff which took place. 

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Manoj's talk on LK Domain Registry

When we talk of business automation at SilverStripers, LK Domain Registry is one of the major projects which come up. We re-engineered all their systems and built a new sophisticated system. This is a video presentation about the project.

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Key to join our team

Are you a PHP based web developer, looking to work at an innovative studio. Here is the secret key to join our team. 

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