Hello NZ! Hello Toast!

Last month (November 2016), I've been in NZ, and have been working with a client on a few projects. This is about the tour and some fun, interesting things stuff which took place. 

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Manoj's talk on LK Domain Registry

When we talk of business automation at SilverStripers, LK Domain Registry is one of the major projects which come up. We re-engineered all their systems and built a new sophisticated system. This is a video presentation about the project.

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How Outsourcing can work with SilverStripers

We work with a lot of web design agencies, web application development companies, to build software. This is one of the major areas of our business. This post of about how it worked for us, our customers and how it can work for you. 

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Few of the things we recently adopted

We have been working on a few bigger projects for the last three months, and had to handle lots of traffic, data, and better search engines. A few things we had to learn and code, and some of those are pretty amazing stuff for your websites. 

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