Building the dream home

We got ourselves tied up building our dream office complex. The project was started March 8th, 2017. Here are some snaps.

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Ionic, Angular 2, Mobile, SilverStripe

After reading Ingo's blog post on Headless CMS and SilverStripe, we thought of writing about a headless CMS project we are working on these days, a CMS for an Ionic mobile application.

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SilverStripe, After Effects, YouTube: Online video generation

To mark the end of 2016 we launched a new website project, which we've been working for a few months. This is not a conventional website, but an online video generator. This post is about the tech recipes, and how we engineered the systems.

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Hello NZ! Hello Toast!

Last month (November 2016), I've been in NZ, and have been working with a client on a few projects. This is about the tour and some fun, interesting things stuff which took place. 

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