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We are team of fifteen people, working on SilverStripe based websites and applications. We work with millions of lines of code every day and build many great things.

More than two million lines of code, fifteen clever people talking technology from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

SilverStripers are specialized SilverStripe web developers from Colombo Sri Lanka. 

We work collaboratively with businesses, individuals to solve technological problems and deliver rich websites & applications.

The core of our business is outsourcing, we have built many great relationships with other agencies and we've been loyal and trustworthy to them, also we look forward to build  long term relationships with digital agencies. We have built a lot of giant websites for businesses which has tradition, history, and would like to share the details on request. 

We always have the drive to solve problems, learn new technologies, culture, business, sales, etc. Also we are very flexible to work with, and use agile systems  allows us to do the extra bit of work all the time for our customers.

We believe in crafting absolute nice products, maintain quality code which complies standards and to write maintainable code for our customers. 

A brief history

The company was founded in 2010, November, with two developers doing a whole lot of code, and everything else.

Within the last four years the company has turned into a team of fifteen developers, having clients from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Norway. And during those four years we built our own e-commerce software which powers more than ten large online stores. 

Few things we do great 

  • Object Orientation
  • MVC
  • Code Standards
  • Information Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Specs and Documentation
  • User Experience

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We love to talk to you, and to make amazing websites. Shoot a message to know how we can help.

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Lets get in touch to talk about your next web development project. We have 15 developers who love working on new ideas, solving problems, and making websites. Drop us a line, use the form below.